Our firm attends to the needs of long-term disability claimants at all conceivable claim stages:


Clients in this category have yet to submit a claim. Some are looking for advice in preparation for the filing of a claim, while others simply want to obtain a better understanding of their rights under their long-term disability plan or policy, so that if ever the need to submit a claim should arise, they’ll be prepared.


Persons who are on-claim frequently have concerns in reference to their ongoing claim. Some are alarmed because a recent spike in activity suggests to them that a termination may be forthcoming. Others are worried that they may be providing more information than is required. Still others simply believe it prudent to have an attorney act as an intermediary, thus eliminating all direct contact between themselves and the insurance company.

Our firm serves many on-claim clients, most of whom the firm assisted to get on-claim in the first place.

Denial/Termination (Pre-Appeal)

A claimant whose claim for long-term disability benefits has been denied or terminated must, if ERISA applies, prepare and submit an administrative appeal. The appeal process is often a critical step toward benefit receipt/restoration, not because most appeals succeed, but rather because an appeal lays the foundation for an eventual challenge in court. Also, it is during the appeal process that claimants typically obtain access to their claim file for the first time.

Our firm has counseled countless individuals in the ERISA appeal process.

Denial/Termination (Post-Appeal)

When an ERISA appeal is denied, there usually is only one option that remains: litigation. Claimants are free to represent themselves in court, but most find it worthwhile to obtain representation. And when a lawsuit comes up short, there is almost always a right to review by an appellate court, in the context of which the assistance of an experienced attorney can prove even more critical.

Our firm has prosecuted dozens and dozens of lawsuits and appeals on behalf of ERISA disability claimants.